Ice and Bait update

Dear Owners,

In a small town like Sitka, we all rely on our neighbors for help. Sitka Sound Seafood is rebuilding their ice house and like most projects, it is running late. SPC has agreed to sell SSS ice for the start of the longline season. We have a long standing relationship of helping each other out with ice and supplies when one of us runs low. Their boats will be getting on our regular ice schedule.  I encourage SPC owners to get their ice appointments early as it will be a little crowded this year. We plan to run both ice chutes and extra hours to have as little disruption as possible.

Our main bait order will be here on Monday. We have a good selection of bait coming. I have asked the Ice House to only sell bait that is going on boats for now.  Until we get our full supply here, we want to minimize people stocking up for the season. There are also about 100 waffle totes of personal bait in the freezer from last year. The Ice House crew will let you know if you have a tote of bait and help you use or dispose of it. If we can empty out a few waffle totes, we can fit more baited gear in the freezer. Thanks for your help with this project. 

Ice house is open 7 days a week. 907-738-9340, channel 11

Stephen Rhoads