Longline Season Opener: Prices Announcement and Diesel Fuel News Update

Greetings SPC Owners

I wanted to send out a quick pre-season message. The weather is going to give us a very slow start to the season.

Prices: We will have starting prices out tomorrow. They will be posted in the office and we will send them out by email. Longline prices will no longer be posted on the website. Our plan is to use email, push notifications, and old fashion conversations. I hope to have conversations with fishermen about what other markets are paying to make sure that our prices are competitive. In the past, the prices have been slow to change. I hope we can change that.

Saving Diesel Dollars: We have made a couple of changes to the infrastructure around the plant that are in the works. These projects should help reduce costs across the board and make the air easier to breathe.

There is now a 30amp shore power plug at unloading door 3.  The other doors will get power soon. Feel free to plug in and turn off your engines when you are delivering. This will be helpful in a few ways. Unloading should be a little easier if the boat and the dock can hear each other. This should shave a few thousand gallons off of our collective fuel bills. When you multiply a couple gallons an hour by the number of deliveries each year, this is a significant amount of fuel and money. The office may also have nice air quality in the summer.

We also replacing a broken diesel boiler in the bunk house with an air to air heat pump. This should significantly reduce out annual cost of heating the bunkhouse.

Bait: Our main bait order arrived. We have plenty of pollack in stock. There are a couple options of pollack. Check with Dave Newman or the Ice House for current prices. In a few weeks, we will have squid for pot bait and our next order of ilex squid arriving.

Good Fishing