Spring Kings, F1 Program, Tenders, Longline Update, and Express Unloading

Hello SPC Fleet,

The weather is pleasant in Sitka and the plant is winding up for the summer season. The ladders on the dock are getting repainted, ready for heavy traffic. Spring Kings are the major activity on the dock this week. Salisbury had a very nice component of hatchery fish last week. Reports from the department indicate that we will have extended access in Salisbury.  There is hope that the Sitka Sound hatchery numbers come up a little and trollers could get more time in those areas as well. California Kings hit this week. We are seeing solid deliveries in our California outports.

F1 program: SPC had a grading program in place for a couple years called F1. The program identified fish that were #2’s that could be run through the fillet line and be processed into a #1 product. The program was a great idea but caused confusion on the grading line. When our fillet line isn’t running, fish were either a #1 or #2 again. Currently all of our kings are flying out fresh and not being filleted, thus there is no way to remove natural-caused defects. There have been some questions about the F1 program during the spring king season. The F1 program was ended by Craig prior to the 2018 season.  Our grading guidelines are back to our standard #1 and #2 every day of the week.

Salmon from all gear: SPC will be buying chums from trollers, seines and gillnets this year as part of our overall drive to increase volume at the plant. Troll chums will be marketed separately from our net caught fish. The quality of troll caught fish always fetches a premium in the marketplace.  The new pump, salmon line, and freezers have increased our capacity significantly this year. The dock has plenty of room to accommodate all deliveries without creating a bottleneck for our troll fleet.  Our plan is to keep the plant at maximum, efficient capacity as often as possible.

Tenders: We have the Sea Lion and Deer Harbor coming back this summer. We also hired the Aleutian Express. John Clutter operates the AE. She is 125’ with three cranes and RSW. The Harmony is still on contract with AGS. We hope to have the Harmony back in Crawfish Inlet this season as well. For July 1st, our tentative plan is to send Deer Harbor south to tender the Craig area and bring Kings back to Sitka. The Sea Lion will head north for the King opener. After King Salmon closes, we will go back to our normal routine of Deer Harbor servicing the Cross Sound area and Sea Lion serving south Baranof.

Longline Update: Our first shipment of Russian pollock in 10 months is now available. We have a small amount of Japanese pollock remaining. There is a new shipment of under 300 gram Canadian pollock available at $.80.  Black cod prices are unchanged in the last month. Halibut is up a bit this week. Un/20 $5.50, over/20 $5.75.

Changes on the Dock: Don Koston is back to his old role of dock manager. Nate joined SPC crew this year and will be on day shift with Don. Eddie and Tony will be in the ice house on the evening shift. All deliveries, ice and bait appointments are going through the ice house. The ice house phone is still 907-738-9340. The ice list for late June is filling up. Give them a call to make plans.

Express Unloading: As we wind down the B2B program, we will continue to offer express unloading service to FAS boats. This service boxes up your FAS salmon in fiber totes without grading or sorting. We will ship them down to your account at BCS as part of our regular freight. Please contact me for prices and specifics on this program.

Stephen Rhoads
Seafood Producers Cooperative
507 Katlian St
Sitka AK 99835
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